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Everyone is free to bring empty flacons from our own fragrances as well as flacons of other brands to our laboratory and get 5% discount for purchase on place.

All flacons will be diassembled manually by us and sent to a recycling company Sobirator afterwards.

During diassembling 50% of flacons stay safe and sound. All unbroken flacons from our fragrances will be refilled. This will help us to reduce our carbon footprint (as we are importing flacons from EU) as well as usage of primary raw materials.
Stay tuned!
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Фонды Собиратор и Мой Байкал: Mayme помогает

MAYME? перечисляет 5% от каждой покупки в фонды Мой Байкал и Собиратор. Кроме этого, наша продукция одобрена PETA как Cruelty free & Vegan
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